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Curious about our name and our mission? You’ve come to the right place.

Why the name P33?

Our name reflects our historical roots and our future destiny. The P represents our people, our purpose, our plan and our progress. The 33 is for 1933, the year of the World’s Fair, a key moment for our city on the world stage of technology. And for 2033, the 200th anniversary of Chicago’s founding and just 14 years away, when we will realize our vision for Chicago as a technology leader.

What Are Our Challenges?

Chicago is uniquely positioned to leverage our strengths, turn challenges into opportunities, and further differentiate ourselves as a tech leader on the global stage.


We’re the third-largest US city, yet we fall outside the top 5 in rankings relevant to top-tier technology ecosystems. Our team sees this as an incredible opportunity to enhance our tech foundation and orientation.


We have 3 of the top universities in the world for tech and engineering. However, Chicago retains 55% of its recent software engineering graduates from universities within the city. Our plan will focus on retaining more graduates, which will strengthen the talent pipeline for all Chicagoans.

What is the role of P33?

P33 will serve as an orchestrator to:

  • Set a bold vision and strategic direction for Chicago
  • Bring together Chicago communities to solve our most pressing challenges
  • Create clear swim lanes, translate roles across ecosystem and enable players to build capabilities
  • Promote Chicago’s strengths by collecting and sharing success stories

What are some of the strengths of Chicago’s innovation ecosystem?

Chicago has a strong university pipeline, with opportunities to grow Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) jobs, retain tech talent and drive inclusion in STEM.

Chicago venture capitalist (VC) funding is strong, with great potential to grow corporate tech investment.

Chicago will expand connections between corporations, startups, and universities. We will also champion Chicago success stories.

Chicago is not just a business-friendly city. Our cost of living is also a crucial differentiator.