The ‘Come Back to Move Forward’ campaign will officially launch on May 27, 2021 at gotechchicago.com.  

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[COMPANY NAME] is joining the city-wide initiative #ComeBackToMoveForward to take back our top tech talent.

@P33 Chicago, in partnership with @World Business Chicago and over 50 employers, is building a strong, aggregated pipeline of tech talent to fuel Chicago’s tech growth. We’re engaging talent with roots in Chicago and providing visibility and access to high caliber networking and lucrative job opportunities at our most innovative startups and corporations. 

Learn more: gotechchicago.com 
Email: info@gotechchicago.com 
Follow: @TechChicago

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The #ComeBackToMoveForward campaign is engaging tech talent with roots in Chicago & connecting them to our lucrative job opportunities. @P33Chicago, @WorldBizChicago & over 50 employers including [COMPANY NAME] are making it possible.


Why Chicago

Check out some amazing resources that provide insights and data on our growing tech economy.

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Campaign Ads

A sneak peek at some of the ads that will be running.


Q: What’s the goal of this campaign?
A: Illinois is ranked 3rd nationally in producing professionals with computer science degrees, but our region has lost nearly half of the talent produced in the last decade. Our collective goal is to stop this and bring talent back in addition to finding ways to keep talent from leaving. This campaign is targeting mid-career tech professionals with ties to the Midwest.

Q: Where is the campaign running?
A:  Our initial advertising campaign will run across social media, out-of-home, radio and programmatic digital channels in select r
egions with a higher cost of living and higher concentrations of tech talent.

Q: What is the potential impact of this campaign?

  • A larger pool of tech talent in Chicago – with experience in other successful companies – strengthening start-ups’ ability to achieve large-scale exit. 
  • Companies able to get more of the talent they need, more quickly, enabling faster growth and higher quality product development.  
  • Greater prominence and improved perception of Chicago tech nationally, increasing access to funding for local firms and increasing likelihood of Chicago as a site location for new firms.  
  • New model for collaboration among corporate, start-up, venture, and academic partners in Chicago that provides tangible benefits to all.

Q: What is P33?
P33 is a privately funded non-profit focused on driving inclusive, global tech and innovation for Chicagoland. P33’s work is anchored in deep research and is driven by a need to unlock the potential of the digital age to solve some of the toughest problems facing Chicago, such as equitable access to digital careers, talent retention, deep science commercialization and gaps in our growth stage startup ecosystem. Learn more.

While P33 is not a recruiting firm, our role is to build an aggregate pipeline and create connection between top tier candidates and companies looking to hire and fuel growth.

Q: Who else is involved?
A: In the past six months, a coalition of 35 employers, 3 leading educational institutionsstartup incubators, and 30 startups, in addition to dozens of influential tech leaders have signed up to participate and support us in this effort to bring talent back.

Q: Are there other opportunities for my organization to get involved?
A: Yes! There are a number of initiatives that we are developing to support our growth as a tech city. If you are interested in learning more about how your organization can get involved in talent recruitment and retention, please reach out to info@gotechchicago.com. Over the course of the next several weeks, while the campaign is underway, we will be assessing and gather as much data and input as we can and welcome your input.


More questions? Please feel free to get in touch with us at info@gotechchicago.com.