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Chicago Innovators: How to supercharge Black and Latino startups

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JPMorgan, Techstars to invest $80M in minority startup founders

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How Chicago is changing who raises early-stage venture capital

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Solving Chicago Tech’s Racial Gap

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Women talk truth about their crucial role in the American economy and its inequities

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Midwestern states want to become “hard-tech” hubs

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TechRise Will Help Give Black And Latinx Tech Entrepreneurs The Chance They Deserve

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Chicago Carves Out Spot as the City for Technology Services Deals

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The future of funding: Why more firms are writing checks to Black women

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Why Chicago Became A Top 3 Start-Up City in 2021

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P33 to continue pitch contest for minority founders

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Chicago tech’s diversity problem starts in college

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Finally, a tech sector Chicago can call its own

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Let’s get the word out about Illinois and EVs

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How are we doing wooing techies?

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When VCs turned to Zoom, Chicago startups were ready for their close-up; Behind the Windy City’s breezy venture capital results

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Tackling the tech talent imbalance

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As techies flee Silicon Valley, Chicago is jostling to be the next unicorn machine

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Capitalizing on remote work, U.S. cities draw in tech workers

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The Spin: Lightfoot in California to woo Big Tech

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Lightfoot heads west to woo tech talent

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Billion-dollar babies: Chicago sees more tech success

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Chicago startups raised $706M in June, minting 4 new unicorns

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Why Chicago May Be The Best City To Find A Tech Job

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SpotOn Raised $125M, P33’s New Push, and More Chicago Tech News

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Chicago Announces Ambitious, New Talent And Recruitment Goal To Build A Diverse, Tech-Ready Workforce

PR Newswire | May 27

Penny Pritzker on how Chicago is enticing top tier tech talent amid labor crunch

Yahoo Finance | May 27, 2021

Chicago wants to bring back 10,000 techies who left the city

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Hey, Techies: What’s so great about San Francisco and Seattle?

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IBM and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Plan to Launch New Discovery Accelerator Institute

IBM Newsroom | May 26, 2021

With venture capital at a record high in Chicago, little makes its way to Black and Latinx founders. But new funds and grant programs are looking to change that.

ChicagoInno | May 26, 2021

Chicago Innovators: TechRise Wants To Close The Wealth Gap

WBEZ Reset | April 7, 2021

University of Chicago launching nation’s first quantum startup accelerator.

Chicago Tribune | April 7, 2021

U of C putting $20 million behind quantum startups in partnership with P33 & more

Crain’s Chicago | April 7, 2021

Developer & Penny Pritzker-backed venture promote women in life sciences

Chicago Sun-Times | March 15, 2021

Tech program launches to support city’s Black & Latino entrepreneurs

Chicago Sun-Times | February 25, 2021

P33 Launches New Initiative Aimed at Diversifying the Chicago Tech Scene

BuiltIn Chicago | February 25, 2021

P33, Verizon launch $5M fund for Black, Hispanic startups

Crain’s Chicago | February 25, 2021

With a new $5M fund, P33 aims to support Chicago’s Black & Latinx founders

ChicagoInno | February 25, 2021

Chicago Announces Goal of $5M Non-Dilutive Grant Fund, One of the Largest in U.S. For Early-Stage Black & Latinx Tech Founders

Press Release | February 25, 2021

P33, Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot, Kaleidoscope Health Ventures, Farpoint Development & Israel’s Sheba Medical Center, Announce First U.S. ARC Innovation Center in Chicago

Newswire | January 14, 2021

Why Chicago Is Emerging An AI-Life Sciences Leader

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P33 Announces Diverse Board of Thinkers

Crain’s Chicago | February 3, 2021


What Chicago Tech Gained and Lost in 2020

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How Chicago Startups Delivered Billions In 2020

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Pritzker Foundation donates $10 million to U of I tech center in the South Loop

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Chicago Startups Provide the Best Investment ROI, New Report Says

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Chicago again ranks as top city for startup investor returns

ChicagoInno | December 10, 2020

Mayor Lightfoot joins ChicagoNEXT, P33, & PitchBook to announce Chicago as the Top U.S. City for Exit Value Fueled by Venture Capital Investment

Newswire | December 10, 2020

2020 has been good for the food startup scene

Crain’s Chicago | December 4, 2020

Chicago Quantum Exchange welcomes six new partners, including P33

Chicago Quantum Exchange | November 16, 2020

Industry 4.0 Will Help Fuel Economy Post Election

Forbes | November 12, 2020

1 Year In: How P33 Is Giving A Boost To Chicago’s Tech Ecosystem

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What Zoom Can’t Do: Chicago tech hubs worry the magic of in-person networking is at risk in a WFH world.

Chicago Tribune | August 20, 2020

New Data Portal Aims to Track, Analyze Chicago’s Covid-19 Cases

ChicagoInno | August 5, 2020

Penny Pritzker talks about the COVID-19 Chicagoland Data Commons

Bloomberg TV – Technology | August 4, 2020

Catalyst Conversations: The Future of Quantum in Chicago

Illinois Science and Technology Coalition | July 15, 2020

How Accenture’s new Midwest lead transitioned 11,000 employees to remote work

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Illinois Tech Offers Tech Trainings as Part of TechReady Illinois Initiative

Illinois Tech Today | June 11, 2020

Illinois Offers Residents Steeply Discounted Training For High-Demand Tech Jobs

Forbes | June 9, 2020

TechReady Illinois Launches Discount Tech Courses for Illinois Residents

BuiltIn Chicago | June 8, 2020

P33, Discovery Partners Institute Launch Tech Education program for Illinoisans

ChicagoInno | June 8, 2020

P33, Discovery Partners Institute Launch Tech Education program for Illinoisans

Chicago Business Journal | June 8, 2020

Chicago Companies Are Stepping Up to Take Down COVID Chaos

Forbes | May 27, 2020

Chris Gladwin talks coronavirus, startups at Inno’s first virtual event

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The 50 Most Powerful Women in Chicago

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How Chicago Is Becoming The Frontline Of Innovation

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Illinois Tech Launches College of Computing to Boost Chicago Tech Talent

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Illinois Tech Launching College of Computing to Foster Local Talent

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Why Melinda Gates is Betting on Chicago

Forbes | March 3, 2020

Melinda Gates Leads $50M Initiative to Boost Women in Tech, Starting in Chicago

ChicagoInno | January 29, 2020

Melinda Gates launches $50 million initiative to boost women in tech

BizWomen | January 29, 2020

Melinda Gates wants more women involved in Chicago’s tech industry. And she’s putting money where her heart is.

Chicago Tribune | January 28, 2020

Chicago Sees Strong Year in VC Funding With $2.2B Raised in 2019

ChicagoInno | January 14, 2020

CEO of P33 Brad Henderson joins the show to give us more insight into the recently formed 501c3 nonprofit organization

Wintrust Business Lunch | January 7, 2020

Penny Pritzker backed tech non-profit P33 moving to Fulton Market

Wintrust Business Lunch | January 7, 2020

Penny Pritzker-backed tech booster heads to Fulton Market

Crain’s Chicago | January 7, 2020

Crain’s Headlines: Chicago Among Best-Paying Cities in US

WTTW | January 7, 2020


The most powerful Chicagoans now

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P33 and Other Tech Stakeholders Discuss the Future of Work in Chicago

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P33 Wants to Make Chicago a World-Class Tech Hub. Here’s How.

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What is Chicago tech initiative P33?

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P33: Chicago’s Bid to Catch the Technology Wave

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P33, Chicago’s Initiative to Become a ‘Tier-1’ Tech Hub, Names Its 1st CEO

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Now it’s his job to put Chicago’s tech plan into action

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Penny Pritzker pitches in on Discovery Partners Institute

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Finally, Chicago gets real about its tech hub hopes

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How Penny Pritzker Plans to Make Chicago a Tech Town

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Planning for progress: P33 is building a roadmap for Chicago tech’s future

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Penny Pritzker wants to boost Chicago’s standing among the world’s best tech cities

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The Burnham Plan for Chicago tech is here

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P33 Initiative Seeks to Reclaim Chicago’s Position as “World’s Brightest Spot” for Technology

Newswire | October 24, 2018

Uber plans to hire hundreds more in Chicago, is on the hunt for additional office space

Chicago Tribune | May 6, 2018