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Please find below the recordings from the Quantum in Finance virtual event on October 21, 2020.

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Opening Remarks



Speaker: Jean-Francois Bobier (Partner & Associate Director) & Matt Langione (Principal), Boston Consulting Group.

Topic: Expected benefits of quantum in finance

Speaker: Fred Chong, Seymour Goodman Professor of Computer Science, University of Chicago

Topic: Quantum Software will Close the Gap to Practical Quantum Computing

Speaker: Margaret Martonosi, Assistant Director, Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE), National Science Foundation.

Topic: Government quantum priorities, establishing foundations in technology and education/ workforce

Speaker: Brian DeMarco, Professor of Physics, Associate Head for Undergraduate Programs in Physics, QLCI-HQAN Director, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.kldaksd;lakd;alkd;alkd;akd;alkd;alkd;aldka;lsdka;dkal;sdka;dlska;sld

Topic: NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institute & Building a Regional Quantum Ecosystem

Speaker: Prem Kumar, AT&T Professor of Information Technology, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Northwestern University

Topic: Quantum “space race” – Past, present, and the road ahead

Speaker: Yianni Gamvros, Head of Business Development, QC Warekdlaskd;lakd;alkd;alkd;alkda;ldkkdasl;dka;dlkadka;ldska;dlsk

Topic: Latest developments in quantum algorithms for finance

Speaker: Martin Schuetz, Quantum Data Scientist, Amazon Web

Topic: Quantum Computing – The Amazon Perspective


Speaker: David Awschalom, Liew Family Professor of Molecular Engineering and Physics, University of Chicago; Q-NEXT Director, Argonne National Laboratory.

Topic: Significance of DOE National Quantum Information Research Centers

Panel #1

Panel Topic: Academic-Industry Interactions in Quantum & Finance

Moderator: Aneesh Chopra, Co-Founder/President, CareJourney; Served as first CTO of U.S. appointed by Obama


  • Kevin Callaghan: Co-Founder/COO, QuantFi
  • Bill Fefferman: Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Chicago
  • Yianni Gamvros: Head of Business Development, QC Ware
  • Pranav Gokhale: Founder/CEO, Super.tech
  • Liang Jiang: Professor of Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago and Amazon Scholar
  • Rafal Janik: Head of Product, Xanadu
  • Raghu Kulkarni: Vice President of Data Science, Discover Financial Services

Panel #2

Panel Topic: QIS Workforce – Getting Started in Quantum

Moderator: Jai Shekhawat, Founder and former CEO, Fieldglass


  • Yuri Alexeev: Principal Project Specialist, ArgonneNational Laboratory
  • Brian DeMarco: Professor of Physics, Associate Head for Undergraduate Programs in Physics, QLCI-HQANDirector, UIUC
  • Kayla Lee: Growth Product Manager/Community Partnerships, IBM
  • Taha Jaffer: Head of Wholesale Banking and Global Treasury AI, Scotiabank
  • Roman Orus: Cofounder and CSO, Multiverse Computing
  • Mark Saffman: Professor of Physics, UW-Madison; Chief Scientist for Quantum Information, ColdQuanta
  • Will Zeng: Head of Quantum Research, Goldman Sachs  Founder, Unitary Fund