VC Desk Chicago





Welcome to VC Desk!

An initiative by P33 and World Business Chicago to introduce the best venture firms from across the country to Chicago’s best startups through in-person one-day visits from April 2022-November 2022.

How It Works

On the third Thursday of each month, we invite 5 VCs from across the country to meet a hypercurated group of Chicago startups who are stage and industry-relevant for you. You’ll meet with ~6 founders, have lunch with your host founder, and then join the other VCs and participating startups for drinks in a fun Chicago spot.

The Ask

Our only ask is that you please commit to the full day of meetings and try to stay for the social part at the end. If your firm is interested in sponsoring or co-sponsoring the happy hour, we’d appreciate that too!  


Here are the first four dates we have scheduled:  

  1. May 19th 
  2. June 16th 
  3. July 21st  
  4. August 18th